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Young Sonos is the middle child in a family living in a 70's house upgraded with high tech smart home features. This day he doesn't only have to choose between his best friend Adam and the girl he secretly loves, he also have to successfully skip the family dinner by dodging his eccentric family's odd whims and demands.

Thanks Stand Off Software for hosting the jam! Most of the time went into making the tech and graphical assets, since we started from scratch. For the last two days we got to realise some of our ideas for the characters. Of course we would have loved to develop them further. We got to play test on two friends, but we would have needed a lot more to really make it good.

TOOLS: Photoshop for graphics, Unity as the game engine, Yarn for the dialogue, Rhubarb-Lip-Sync for the lip syncing, Reason for making som music and Adobe Audition for recording the audio.

Hope you like it!


The Zmart Home.zip (FOR JUDGES) 88 MB
The Zmart Home 1.1 (NOT FOR JUDGES) 111 MB
The Zmart Home.app 1.1 (NOT FOR JUDGES) 112 MB
The Zmart Home 1.1 (NOT FOR JUDGES) 123 MB


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I hate Marcus too!  Great job making such memorable characters and such a crazy environment.  Anyone can do goofy, but you guys made everyone believable and I think that made the game even more endearing.  Plus Microsoft Sam, I've missed him.  Amazing work!

Thanks for your kind words! I am really happy to hear you liked the characters. We had many more and wilder plans for them that we didn't have time to develop. Especially I am sad we didn't get to introduce Sonos brother who is a J-pop influencer.